tirsdag 29. juli 2008

Om å lese forfatterbiografier

"En god regel her: Avvis alt biografisk stoff som stemmer med gjengs forestilling om hvordan en forfatter har utviklet seg. Sjelden stemmer det med fakta. Forfattere er ikke broilere. Få av dem visste hva de skulle bli, og de fleste ble forfattere tross seg selv."

(Sven Kærup Bjørneboe: Onkel Jens - Et familieportrett, 2001)

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  1. Old King olav said Monday after all "had the entire Norwegian people who bodyguard"
    (via google översättning så det blir roligare å läsa)

    cf sweden skitlandet
    insecurity, dissolution and fragmentation
    Pirat lot cf sthlm neoliberal narcissistic "I do that I want to" who do not want to help others, but think of themselves, kind of plastic pornographic behavioural
    See Sthlm bad behavior (by looking at everyday documents)

    Eng utkonkurrerade course, Holland and took over the trade - was the sooner several times richer

    some hi on blogs

    I just want to tips on


    Bla figure was the drugs from Afghanistan
    Drugs +30% semester 2008
    2026 seizure opium new phenomenon (102 kg)
    5.5 tonnes of Kat and 412 cannabis

    South African Epidemic Of Schoolboy Sexual Abuse


    Förtryckarsturukturer (sydafrika förtryckarsystem Christians who see life's words, etc.)

    and protecting criminals, etc.


    The politicians fail is to demonstrate how it works in the context of Sweden (old) =
    1000 drives the economy before and we now have 1 million and 10 million in the future, etc.
    Performance pay driving change
    Then they put ju (automatically) a limit on the rest (of collective agreements or minimum wage)
    Kakan is large enough so it will be of course easier to bring a good and fair and reasonable limit

    Kraft needed (and as always existed in our native English)
    It was the difference in 1600 and 1,800 th women and the spoiled fittluder available today
    It is getting worse, worse
    Who wants to contribute to the tax money, jobs or jobs for this patrask?


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